Red Sox whisk Christian Vazquez away mid-interview after trade: ‘It’s a business’

August 2, 2022

Boston Red Sox Christian Vazquez

It’s always awkward when a player gets traded mid-game. It’s seemingly even more awkward when the media knows about that trade before the player does. Just ask Christian Vazquez about his experience in that department. He was traded by the Boston Red Sox to the Houston Astros on Monday evening and found out in real-time while being peppered by reporter’s questions.

“How do you feel about being traded to the Astros, Christian,” the reporter asked the catcher, who had just been traded by the Red Sox to Houston.

Vazquez was clearly taken aback by the news that he had literally just received while warming up with his now former teammates. Ironically, the team in the other duggout was his new team, the Astros. The catcher was wide-eyed and looked emotional. Facing dozens of microphones at a critical moment of his life and career, he mustered up the best answer he could under the circumstances.

“It’s a business. It’s a business,” he said before being whisked away like he was the holder of state secrets by a member of Boston’s PR team.

Chris Cotillo of Mass Live reports that Vazquez was traded to Houston in return for two minor leaguers, fielder/outfielder Enmanuel Valdez and outfielder Wilyer Abreu.

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